~ Smother Boxes ~
Black Smother Box
Golden Oak Smother Box
Cherry Smother Box
Provincial Smother Box
Custom Red Smother Box

They can see but
With a slave laying
on its back
YOU are able to PUNISH
with a simple flick
of your foot !!
Custom Smother Box

Especially designed
for the submissives
with broader necks

For further information
Round Corner Option

add $30.00
Bed Smother Box
Upgrade to bed/floor option
Custom Red View
New Option!
Cuff handles so you can lock
your submissives hands down!

Open Floor View
Open Bed View
A smother box is a nice addition to your dungeon, play room or bedroom!

The design of this smother box allows you to cuff your submissive to the handles and lock their head inside the box.

Along with these capabilities you can also store your toys associated with the smother box.
The construction of this box will insure that the comfort of the person
sitting will last many hours of their pleasure.

The pad on top is a full 2" thick. Along with the seat on top there is a 2" pillow inside for the submissive
to lay their head on. The design on this pillow insures their head is in the proper position.
The neck hole is padded also for comfort. We strive for design, comfort and function!

** This item can not be included in any free shipping offers - s/h is $50.00 due to size/weight
It is in deepest sorrow and with great sympathy I must
announce the artist of this beautiful woodwork passed away
from Lung Cancer November 28, 2009
The items will no longer be available but i am leaving displayed in his memory
Stumpy you will be greatly missed!!

Ive been receiving payments weekly. They will no longer be refunded.
There is nothing to purchase.  I will keep your money.
You agree to these terms by making a payment.

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