Pixie's Purse ... is waiting to be filled!
fun things pixie wants needs and desires! )

We all have wants...needs...desires
a submissive kinky princess girly girl pixie is no exception!

I love being spoiled ~ I am a princess afterwall :)

There are all sorts of things that will make "pixies purse"
twinge with excitement when its filled!

I have a fetish for kinky fun toys, hair,
purses, shoes and fur .. oh my, my love for fur!
                       yes i want those cuffs ~~~~>
Although i am moving to the sun,
i own 2 beautiful fur coats, that will go with me!
(i love to just lay around naked in them heh ok laying around is not ALL i do in them)  

Every submissive should have their own toy bag to take for play dates
this not only is safer, but helps ensure toys you LIKE are used! )

I've made a little list of things I really want ..
things that will fill pixies pretty purse -
make it all twingy and excited,
wet with anticipation!

Won't you help a kinky girl out?
( just say YES! )
( please Me ... Excite Me)

This is the Fairy Prada Bag I want .. it's number 1 on the list now!
As a submissive, I need to be able to carry Mistresses personals
when we are out and about and so I always on the look out for cute new bags!

shouldn't every pixie have one??                                
(YES! So click the button below and donate)

Pixie also like to travel .. a lot!
I often am vending at events, or just flying out to visit my Mistress.
(I'm moving to her soon, but until then, monthly flights are pricey!)
There is the expense of the event, hotels, meals and what not ..

If you are the cute adorable ever so sweetie pie who wants to donate
to my Purses, Shoes, Fetish, Travel Fun Fund
please click the button below and make a donation through PayPal
It's the safest online payment method!

If you are just a little worm slut I demand you make a donation - NOW!
yes that is about as demanding as pixie can get! so just do it!! )

I accept donations and actual presents!!
(and pixie DOES enjoy getting presents!! )

Pixie Lee
PO BOX 250
BoysTown NE 68010


pixie really likes these pink hiking boots too,  so I an go hiking with Mistress,
but you can only get them by custom order  -
They are a mere $125.00 for all you little worm sluts .. I'm waiting!

arent they CUTE!!??
( I NEED them!)

( heh - yes I like being alpha submissive *smiles* )

                                                      <~~This was my favortist piece of Fetish wear
                                                     it was lost during an event *pouts*
                                                 It's from
Bare Restraints

                                          It's on my list!!
                                            Donate to replace it now :)

sharky and pixie - Folsom Fair 2007
all rights reserved
©Copyright 2009 pixielee
and my address again is:
Pixie Lee
PO Box 250
BoysTown NE 68010