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A little about pixie  
really thre is nothing little about me *giggles*
This is going to end up a rather long profile, there is a lot about me after all *smiles* but I like it all so instead
of changing it I just keep adding to it

I know who I am, what I want, what I need and what I desire in life. I know I am submissive. I started
exploring, learning about my submission in Oct 1998. I believe it's something that has been molded from my
earliest life experiences, and a part of me that will continue to grow and change.

I do consider myself to have"slavish tendencies" and have a strong affliction for protocol, even some "micro
managing" but, laughs, I wont give up my "no" power - at least, the right person hasn't come along yet to make
me want to give it up, but as ill say through out this profile, never say never *smiles* I live to explore and grow
in this lifestyle, having it incorporated into all aspects of my existence. I don't believe that means "24/7"
BDSM. We all have to live in reality, but I do need it to be there, to have that undertone of D/s

I spent 6 1/2 yrs collared to my first Mistress and about 4 yrs with my next. In that there was a 10 yr mental
love affair with one Dominant who I've always known was my "One" - but when life presented that opportunity,
it simply had bad timing and it was not be.  Vanilla life won out and "cost me" my 2 collars. I simply can not live
without the lifestyle being incorporated into my life, they needed to devote more energy to their vanilla lives.  
It doesn't change my feelings for love for them, we just can not have a D/s relationship, which for me, is no
relationship. I still have treasured friendships though!!

Ive had in my profile for some time now that I was not "seeking" a relationship, a collar - I just wanted to
follow through with being poly and getting needs met. But ( there is always a but!) lately I've been thinking
maybe I do "need" that collar, a girlfriend, a lover, my Mistress ...

Since we are a society of labels and everyone always asks, I consider myself a bi - alpha service oriented
mono/poly submissive.

What does that all that mean, and how does it work with my submission and my life...

BI - yes! I love both Men and Woman for my fun, however when it comes to a collar, my D/s relationship,
a Femme Domme will be my only consideration - Since I am poly there could be a male involved in the family,
and I would never rule out "friends with benefits" but thats about the extent I see in it :)

Alpha - I want what I want when I want it (and *smiles*, I do usually get it!) Yes, I can be a little spoiled,
and some have even referred to me a "princes pixie" *smiles* - yes, ok I call myself that too -
aren't all girls a princess, or at least deserve to be treated like one?!
I do not consider myself a spoiled brat, I do not throw temper tantrums ( unless its part of the role play LOL )
I find smiling and being sweet usually works more to my advantage.

When I am not "directly under" a Dominants, and others submissive natured people are around,
I tend to want to be "in control", I want (um, demand!?) things to go "my way" -
but I think thats my nurturing/responsible gene and has nothing to do with being "Dominant"
which I am often mistaken for! lol

Service: my greatest "submissive fix" is a "Thank You" knowing I have satisfied, did something right, made life
whatever it  is that I can do to serve - It is about the "personal affection" reward
a pat on the head and "good job" does wonders for a pixie! It can also feed my "attention" need -

Mono/Poly - When I first came into the lifestyle, I just seemed to already know I was poly. I tend to believe
not just one person could ever meet all a persons wants, needs and desires"
and I firmly believe life is about living to get our wants, needs, and desires met.

I evolved over the past 10 years of exploring and growing in my submission, and found that while poly natured,
I would be mono to my collar. The love, honor, and respect is all for who own my collar,
but I can be poly and get in my "submissive fix" without compromising my collar.  It's kinda like being a pet.
I am loyal and faithful to my Owner, but I like to go around getting all the attention
I can get from everyone else that my owner permits. *grins*

In our community we have many friends, Dominants and submissives, whom doing something
as small as holding a door open, grabbing a cup of coffee for, running an errand ..
any of those "service" things works for getting my service need met in a poly way.

While I am submissive to the very core (it CAN be to a fault sometimes) I am not a whiny doormat.
ok ok ok, MAYBE sometimes I am whiny *giggles*, but a doormat I am never
(heh, unless you tie me up and make me *winks* )  

Ultimately, I need,want, desire, to share my gift of my submission with a Female Dominant,
not only in a physical way, but in a very mental, emotional way as well.
I want to cherish, adore and bring out their most creative delights
letting their Dominance radiate as I please her every whim and desire.
I want to be her amusement in the most trusting and loving experience.

smiles for your day ~ pixie
It's Life ~ Live it, Love it, PLAY IN IT!