~ Thunder in the Mountains ~
July 2009
This had to be the highlight of my whole wonderful weekend with my then new bestest
sweetheart of a friend, Gloryus!

YES! It is as bad as it looks *giggles* ok ok not reaaaally.....or, welll ...

So here is the deal. We were having the most wonderful, giggliest,
girls weekend and it was reaaally late ( or early depending on how you look at it!)
and we had this wild idea that instead of using the "do not disturb" sign
on our door .. we would put out a pair of panties! THAT means the same thing, right??
It would be like the "hey I am using the room come back later" signal

soooooo there were were, giggling and arranging panties om the hotel room door
uh huh, yes, giggling..2am.. in the hotel hallway ...
(it really wasnt 2am I dont think, we were so tired it FELT that late)

Theeeeen we go back into the room, still giggling, and
we hear someone messing with our door and the panties!!
(Making us laugh and giggle all the more of course)

While this is all going on we have this GRAND idea
to now make the panties appear "used"
(so the roommate knows its ok to come back in now hehe)
We decided that the hotel conditioner made the best "stain"

and yes, when it was all said and done we HAD to take pictures
it was a totally priceless adventure!!

and for those who do not kmow ...
Thunder in the Mountains
is an adult lifestyle conference - our activities were completely appropriate :)
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